The secret to minimalist art pieces is to keep things simple, or as we call it, minimal. Minimalist art is seen as an abstract reality that does not imitate anything else, aiming to have viewers respond to what is shown in front of them. As minimalist painter Frank Stella puts it, “what you see is what you see”. Minimalist art prints are simply depictions of the subject being themselves - no pretense, no hidden meanings.


Jiet’art’s minimalist art prints include human elements, showing what Jiet calls his kaki tangan or “hands and legs” concept. The theme behind this Minimalist art collection was inspired by cave art, where portrayals of humans and animals were drawn using basic tools and in simple designs. Jiet seeks to oppose automatism through minimalist art, by refraining from overgrowing his illustrations. To keep things simple, all of the minimalist art prints in this series are drawn using only one stroke of a line. 


These minimalist art prints are initially sketched by hand. The drawings are then transferred onto computers and improvised using Adobe Illustrator, defining the lines and adding pops of colour. Minimalist Art by Jiet’art is currently available on 350gsm A4 sized papers.

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