Fauvism is a style that is characterized by its strong colours and bold brushwork. The name Fauvism stems from the French term les fauves, which translates into “the wild beasts”. Artists combine elements of fauvism and expressionism, using colours to project moods onto the canvas. The end results? A plethora of colours that highlights strong emotions that goes beyond the canvas.


Jiet’s process of creating his Fauvism artworks involves letting his heart run wild. He uses aspects of fauvism and expressionism in his sketches to create surreal depictions of imageries of human relationships. Jiet’art’s Fauvism series is inspired by spiritual connections between people. It shows Jiet’s thoughts on the conflicts between good and bad times in relationships. He utilizes expressionism and fauvism in his paintings to tell stories of bittersweet memories. Love, anger, happiness and jealousy are parts of the process that strengthens and breaks bonds between people.


Available on AO sized paper, artworks from the Fauvism series by Jiet’art is created using combinations of charcoal, acrylic paint and pastels. Future artworks will be transferred onto art canvases. Suitable to be used as wall art, Fauvism by Jiet’art will add a pop of colour to your home and office interior.