Cheeky animal mascot Didimalao is a philosophical little monkey created by Jiet Wong as a rebranding concept for Zoo Negara Malaysia. Its name is derived from the Chinese terms “弟弟” (Didi - younger brother) and “马骝” (Malao - monkey in Cantonese). The initial Didimalao project landed Jiet his first post as a graphic artist at a production house.


Simple and action driven, this animal mascot is inspired by the intellectual yet playful nature of monkeys. Hence, Didimalao is curious, observant and full of life’s philosophy. Graphic artist Jiet Wong plays around with the term “monkey see, monkey do” to show Didimalao copying human interactions and behaviours. He is Jiet’s alter ego, the fun and outgoing personality that was inspired by the graphic artist’s childhood.


This animal mascot is a true nature lover, spreading goodwill and positive vibes with all he meets. Always up to mischief and weird antics, animal mascot Didimalao is portrayed as graphic artist Jiet Wong’s humourous side. Didimalao aims to bring hopeful energy to the world by his actions, like blowing away grey clouds. After all, life’s too short to be unhappy! However, it’s not only about fun and games. Animal mascot Didimalao is also an environmentalist who cares about creating awareness and spreading the love of nature.


This fun and loving animal mascot is brought to life through graphic illustrations and computer colourings by graphic artist Jiet Wong. Available on Etsy, Didimalao’s merchandise includes artworks, badges, wall decorations and t-shirts.


Don't Be Zombie
Rainy days
Be Your Own Hero
Guardian Angel
It's ok to be Naughty, Sometimes.
I'm a Ninja
Liberty of Life
Fight your fears
Bruce Lee
Take a Little Coffee Break
Feed Your Own Ego.
Safeguarding polar bears
Guardian Angel

I'll always be with you. Guardian angel makes certain you are safe and guided always. spread the love