“A work of art is a scream of freedom.” - Christopher Lasch


Behold the epitome of expression from a contemporary art artist - Jiet’art by Jiet Wong.


Jiet’art marks the start of Jiet’s journey as a contemporary art artist, recording his ventures in expressing with modern art. It is an outlet for him to express his inner self; an evidence of his reflections about life. The stories behind this contemporary artist’s ideas reflect the cycles of life; from life and death, to human relationships and connections with nature. Jiet’art started as a collection simple sketches, later expanding to include other forms of contemporary art, such as abstract paintings.


Constantly inspired by people from all walks of life, contemporary artist Jiet Wong seeks to share life experiences in an alternative way - through his creations in contemporary art works and paintings.






As a contemporary artist, Jiet’s signature style is line drawings that combine human forms with nature. His art is infused with entwining human faces and forms that express human connections inspired by everyday conversation.







Keeping things minimal, Minimalism draws a fine line between abstract and reality - literally.





Jiet has started to experiment with abstract painting, painting with splash colour by feel until the painting is a true expression of himself. This form of expressionism has broadened his horizons as a contemporary art artist. 




Fauvism originated from the French term les fauves, or the beasts. They are the emotionally loaded paintings where contemporary art artist Jiet Wong lets his heart take over, depicting raw emotions on human connections.