Automatism art is an artform where the artist allows his mind to take control and create subconscious drawings. Jiet’s automatism drawings are his signature style, showing his thoughts on human connections and nature.


The Automatism art collection by Jiet’art explores everything human - how we interact with each other, and how we are one with Mother Nature. These automatism drawings show the natural life cycle. It is a depiction of the thoughts and energy that is possessed by each living soul. We give life to each other and our surroundings and are forever intertwined with nature.


Jiet’s Automatism art drawings were inspired by the Cambodian temples of Angkor Wat. Captivated by the way the ancient trees were integrated with surrounding buildings, he sought to illustrate his subconscious thoughts through automatism art. When creating the pieces in this collection, Jiet lets his hand take control. He adds elements to places where he feels fit, creating elaborate and complicated pieces that have become his signature style in automatism drawings.


and are suitable to be used as framed decorations for homes and As this collection is an on-going project, more pieces will continue to be added in the future. Jiet’art’s Automatism drawings are available on 350gsm A4 sized




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