Art Battle is a live competitive painting event that’s been held in US, Canada, Brazil and premiering for the

first time in Malaysia!


Programme Director

Ruby Subramaniam

I completed a cool art event Art Battle Malaysia #1

Speed Painting Contest, thanks you to the Programme Director Ruby Subramaniam who invited me to be part of the Competition.


When I received her invitation i was happy like a monkey. shaking my butt jumping around. After a few seconds i started to worry: not about the other artists invited, what i worry is that i only have 20 mins to complete a piece of artwork! Can i really do it? Hmmmm yeah i think i can! I decided to take the challenge!

How did i prepare?

Yoga and Meditation it Must !

Do some stretching

before the battle!

Stresss? Yes Ofcoz!

Be Crazy and be sexy!

Stay away and go for holiday!

Free your mind

Sketches and never forget

to keep pratice

When everyone was asking me 

" jiet, did you prepare? "

hmmm My officially answer is : "I DIDNT PREPARE, I'M JUST STAYING CALM and COOL." but behind the scenes i did do some sketches and planning - about the story for my ''masterpiece'' and my strategy for the 20 mins. i respect the competition, that why i need to take some time for the preparation

During the 20 mins

in the first 2 mins, my hand is shaking, my heart is beating.

but i slowly calm myself down and really focus on my piece. . The 20 mins just passed just like 20 seconds.. When the crowd started counting 10....9....8...1.. yay. i m done!

Woow it is seriously not an easy job 😛 but i did enjoy..

At the end i didn't manage to go on to next round but i m proud of what i did. .


Thanks You so Much!

Thanks once again to the organiser and thanks to all my friends who showed up or who couldn't make it but i could feel the love from you guys 😛.


Finally, congratulations to the winner and the other 10 artists. yeah we made it happen!



My quote of the day!

Never Try Never know :)


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