Abstract Expressionism is a style known for combining colours and abstract forms into an artform in gestures of expression. Contemporary abstract expressionism art paintings aim to portray the expression of emotions. It is a non-objective showcase of the artist’s inner world.


Jiet’s take on Abstract Expressionism was influenced and inspired by contemporary artworks from American abstract artists like Jackson Pollock. Jiet’art’s Abstract series shows Jiet’s personality, giving life and movement to the subconscious thoughts that are on his mind and putting them onto the canvas. Most of his abstract art paintings are done spontaneously, just to see what he gets. The results, as can be seen, are an interesting amalgam of colour and shapes.


Jiet prefers not to disclose the original meaning of the paintings, letting viewers interpret its meaning for themselves. He prefers getting to know the thoughts of his viewers by listening to their renditions of the artwork's story.


Jiet'art currently accepts commissions for Abstract's art paintings from interested patrons. The artworks are available on 30 x 40inch canvases. Suitable for incorporating into the interior design of any location, art paintings from Abstract will add a flair to contemporary art collections and get visitors talking.


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