Art lover, entrepreneur, photographer, graphic designer, abstract artist - these are the terms Malaysian artist Jiet Wong identifies himself with. Jiet is an aspiring painter and artist from Malaysia with a passionate love for contemporary art. Abstract art and graphic illustrations are part of his forte as a visual creator. Jiet believes in “designing” life, painting emotions and dreams into his concepts and illustrations.


Originally from Perak, Jiet moved to Kuala Lumpur. At 21, he graduated from New Era College with an associate degree in art and design. He initially worked in an animation post-production house. Jiet then moved into advertising, developing a successful graphic design practice.






 Besides work and art, Jiet also enjoys dancing and photography.

Jiet enjoys his spare time by immersing himself into the world of contemporary art. His journey as an abstract artist was inspired by human connections, with his illustrations depicting life experiences, relationships and personal emotions.



In 2015, he put down his digital tools to go on a three-month Sabbath in Europe to turn his dreams into reality. Equipped with only a backpack and an open heart, he escaped his previously mundane routine and set off into the unknown. That pilgrimage liberated him from the restrictions of the advertising world and enabled him to return to his passion: developing a personal visual language in contemporary art as a self-taught abstract artist. He still freelances as a consultant for art and branding projects.








 Didimalao by Jiet Wong is a concept that completely differentiates from his creations as a contemporary artist. This vibrant idea depicts a cheeky monkey going about his monkey business, spreading positive vibes. If Jiet’art were Jiet’s hidden self, Didimalao would be his alter ego.


Since its creation, Didimalao has turned from a simple character to a philosophical figure that stands up for his beliefs. He brings energy and goodwill to those around him, making Didimalao an adorable creature. 

Jiet’s endeavour at an artistic entrepreneurship

has resulted in two brands: Didimalao and Jiet’art.




Jiet’art is an epitome of Jiet’s inner-self as an abstract artist who fell in love with creating contemporary art. His works demonstrate how modern art challenges the limitations of one’s imagination. To him, contemporary art is a way of expressing inner thoughts, emotions and subconscious notions. Jiet’art embraces the essence of contemporary art - free of boundaries and categorisation. The process of creating his works, be it abstract art or minimalistic illustrations, is what matters most. 

As his work as an abstract artist progresses, he experiments with different styles in painting and illustration to create exciting aesthetics. Now, Jiet enjoys combining bright colours and simple lines in his artwork, constructing intricate designs that provoke thought and speculation. This way, viewers can be engaged in the art itself, enabling them to feel the event that appears on the canvas. 

Previous Exhibitions


No stranger to the local art scene, Jiet frequently participates in art events and exhibitions with fellow Malaysian artists. Not only does he showcase his contemporary art works, he often puts some of his brands’ merchandise for commissioning. Some of his previous exhibitions include The Cup of Souls, Art Battle Malaysia, Art for Grabs, Untitled? by Findars and more. To catch up with Jiet on his next venture, be sure to follow him on social media.